Relaxing or deep, we will tailor the massage session according to your needs. Upgrade with the Pure Fiji Precious Massage oils for a blissful experience.

With lots of us all living in a fast paced, demanding environment, this can often lead to stress and anxiety. Relaxing massages will help alleviate your tensions and worries while our deep tissue massage works on your muscular stiffness. Trust us to give you a break from the everyday tension.

Back Massage$5030 Min
Relaxing Massage$8960 Min
Relaxing/Deep tissue$9560 Min
Deep Tissues$12990 Min
Fijian Scalp Massage$6930 Min
Precious OilsPricing
To create your own experience, we give you the option to choose from The Pure Fidji Precious Oils collection: Coconut, Frangipani, White Lily,....
Add to your Massage/Treatment$7