We only use the best quality wax products, equipment and techniques for a safe, almost painless waxing experience. The highest hygiene regulations are observed in our salon.

Facial Waxing

Hot wax and Pre-wax oil only is used on sensitives areas. Reactive skins receive a free cold therapy treatment and redness is covered with mineral foundation.

Facial WaxingPricing
Brow shape$21
Brow Sculpt$30
Full Face (including Eyebrow shape)$49

Body Waxing

High quality skin care and wax only are used in our waxing. Relaxing warm towel added at the end of your treatment strip waxing treatment.

Body WaxingPricing
Full Arm$37
Half Leg$33
Full Leg$49

Male Waxing

Our very quick techniques and high quality products will reduce pain and skin reaction associated with waxing. We recommend regular appointments (every 4 weeks) to keep the hair length and growth under control.

Male WaxingPricing
Chest & Stomach$42
Full Leg$54
Full Arm$42
1/2 Leg$39


  • Your Safety is important to us so all precautions are taken to avoid cross contamination
  • We NEVER double dip in our wax pot
  • We use disposable spatulas/G-Strings/Gloves
  • We clean and disinfect our stations after each clients
  • Metallic tools (tweezers, etc) are sterilized in autoclave (maximum protection)